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Microblading & PRP w/ Microneedling offered

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Owners, Michelle Saling (pictured right) and Sherri Turner (pictured left), are sisters.  They have always inspired each other personally and professionally.  Already registered dental hygienists, they have taken their passion for people as well as their skills and attention to detail to focus on the Lash Lounge. 

They are both certified lash specialists through the company Lavish Lashes, headquartered in California. They are both certified microblading specialists and are currently loving the amazing results and attention this new service is bringing.  Finally, with the hygiene background, they will give your smile confidence with a one-of-a-kind teeth whitening service - find out more about this service when you book your next appointment! 

Michelle and Sherri love working with people, and are very excited to help their clients achieve every new confidence possible.  What makes them happiest of all, is knowing that they created joyfulness and a sense of well-being for anyone seeking beautiful yet natural eyes and a brighter smile! 
Why to choose Lash Lounge over other eyelash extension boutiques
Here at the Lash Lounge, we pride ourselves on attention to detail. One very important reason that you should choose Lash Lounge over other eyelash extension boutiques, is because we always have a thorough first-time session where we evaluate what type and length of lashes the client has naturally, as well as what their desired outcome will be. We will address eye shape, size of eyelids, as well as the style of lashes. It is important for us to gather all information in order to be sure we get the perfect fit and gorgeous set of lashes for each and every client.

We have taken a lot of time researching and trying many professional lashes and products in the industry. We are confident that we have found the very best professional lashes, adhesive and products out there. Our research has paid off and we are so happy to offer amazing lashes that last longer between fills and look and feel fluttery, feathery, soft and natural once applied.
Lash Lounge uses a medical grade adhesive that is specifically formulated to work on sensitive areas of the body, such as the eye. Lash Lounge also offers a sensitive adhesive for our clients with delicate eye areas. The sensitive adhesive lash lounge uses contains formulated cyanoacrylate and no carbon black to reduce fumes and possible irritation.
Top Ten Reasons to Have Lash Extensions:
  1. Application is quick and painless.  Most extensions can be placed in 1-2 hours.   
  2. Eyelash extensions lift the spirit with much needed "me" time.  You deserve it!  
  3. Look fresh and awake all the time.   
  4. Feel like you just stepped out of the salon every morning upon opening your eyes.  Eyelash extensions are like a salon treatment for your eyes.   
  5. Save time in the morning by cutting out mascara application.
  6. You'll feel gorgeous and confident (even straight out of the gym).   
  7. No more worrying about dripping or crusting mascara while swimming or on vacation. 
  8. Feel like a movie star.  The same process used by A-list celebrities to achieve gorgeous, youthful eyes is also used at the Lash Lounge. 
  9. Wear minimal makeup, or none at all. Most clients feel they wear less makeup once lashed since their lashes already look dark and full, yet natural. Just get up and go! 
  10. Love your face! Fluttery, dark lashes make a face look finished; innocent, yet sophisticated.